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Kingfisher Lake's Graduation Ceremony being broadcast over the Internet

Sol Mamakwa and Sonny Mamakwa are hosting an internet webcast for this year's graduation ceremonies being held at Mary Anne Aganash Memorial School in Kingfisher Lake.

The ceremony features the Grade 8 and Senior Kindergarten Classes. Everyone is invited to join the students, parents and staff at this event by visiting the Mary Ann Aganash Memorial School web portal and clicking on the streaming webcast link in the news item.

Sol and Sonny learned about the webcast capabilities during the NAN TECH 2003 conference and worked with K-Net staff to make this live on-line event possible.

Meegwetch to Cal, Brian and Cal @ knet for your help.

Mamawiichidowin Conference

K-Net Services (Jesse Fiddler) presents workshop "Internet in the Classroom" at the Mamawiichihidowin Conference - Shibogama Teachers Conference , January 29 - Febuary 1, 2001 Wapekeka, Ontario. See the Photogallery