It's a Girl! Not a boy, a GIRL! Now what do we do?

The Creator has blessed our family with the most beautiful little Oji-Cree baby Girl. Lynaya Blue Jewell Mason dropped from Heaven, December 12, 2001 at exactly 9:59 p. m. She was 9 pounds and 7 ounces with a head full of hair. After being carefully looked over by mom and dad, they declared she looked just like her Kokum! Please don't call her "mini kokum" like proud cousin James does. Lynaya Blue will live in Keewaywin with her parents and extended family. She will spend her first Christmas in Deer Lake where her other grandmother lives. I am so jealous but it's my turn next Christmasl. She will not be sent to residential school at the age of six. Her father Blue Mason will probably teach her computer lingo before teaching her Oji-Cree. I have the strongest suspicion Grandpa Allan Kakepetum will teach her "Oji-Cree". (the good version, not the bad version) Grandma Nancy Kakepetum will teach her how to book her Bearskin flights out of Keewaywin. Grandpa Rennie Kakepetum will teach her how to operate the 8-tract digital recorder so, when she is older, she can record all his original music in his own home. Grandpa Lawrence Mason will always be on hand for her mental health and teach her how to dress appropriately. Uncle Kevin will teach her to play the guitar and give her lots of love. Most of all, her mother Kim and father Blue are very happy to have their little girl home for Christmas. I am not worried about her because Lynaya Blue has a lot of love from extended family in Keewaywin. That is what family is all about. I am a very proud Kokum. I want to extend a very Merry Christmas to everyone and have a Happy New Year. MiiQuetch!! ps. sorry I don't have any pictures yet.

Deer Lake Christmas - 2001

Deer Lake is alive with the evidence of Christmas spirit everywhere. From Christmas concerts at the school and church, the annual Christmas parade to the Christmas Light Contest, Deer Lake is the place to be for Christmas. The David Meekis Memorial School held it's Christmas Concert on December 17 and featured music, drama and even a little bit of cross-cultural education. The Grade 9's performed the Mummer's Song which is a Newfoundland tradition where everyone dresses up in silly costumes and sings and dances. Joanne Parks, a teacher at the school, said, "I just wanted to share a little of my culture as well." All of the classes worked hard on their presentations which made for an enjoyable time for everyone who came out. The parade was a great success with a number of different organizations participating. The Harvest Pentecostal Church had it's Sunday School Christmas Concert, and like the school concert had a packed house. Banquets have been in full swing with the band, the school and the staff of the local Northern store each having one recently. With all of these events and others planned over the holidays--is it any wonder why I think that Deer Lake is the place to be for Christmas? Check out pictures of the Concert and some of the other events.

Aboriginal Harvest Ministries show their Love to the Students at DFC

The Aboriginal Harvest Church , which is located at the Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School came on the last day to have Lunch with the Students. Many students and staff came and showed up for this last day of school. Everyone around had their face shining with a Big Smile, on their face. Pizza, Little Oranges, drinks to go along with that, Pop. Students await for the holidays as each one tell each other, What they have plans for this Christmas. The next Exams start in just awhile and after that the Students are asked to go to the Gym for a Meeting. All flights en route to our Northern Communities will be on Sunday, starting at 7:00 Am, And throughout the day. (Correction) The Miskegokamang Students will be leaving this Afternoon, And will not be on Sunday. Sorry for the Error that I wrote.

Keewaywin Radio Station Is On Line.

Keewaywin has put their radio station back on air. The equipment for the radio station is situated in the boardroom of the Keewaywin Band Office. Keewaywin can tune in at 107.9 FM.

Oshki Pimache-O-Win Grand Opening

On December 14, 2001, Oshki-Pimache-O-Win held it's grand opening and open house for it's new office located in Thunder Bay. In attendance were people from NAN, INAC, NADF, NAN legal Services, local news journalists, and more. See some of the pictures at One of the programs that Oshki is currently involved in is a Digital Collections program. A group of 4 multi-media trainees, one teacher, and one writer are producing a website called, "100 Years later: The Signing of Treaty 9". The website will be ready in March 2002. Look for it then on

Keewaywin School's Christmas Supper. Dec 13/2001

Just want to post up some of the pictures that were taken during supper. Lucy Kakegamic reported the activities was very memoriable. All school staff attended the supper. As the evening wore on there was a gift exchange. The highlight of the evening was when George and Pauline Kakegamic opened their presents. See photos at

Chief George Kakekaspan addresses Broadband Canada conference

As part of the Broadband Canada Conference in Ottawa, Chief George Kakekaspan provided conference participants with an overview of what it means to have broadband connectivity in Fort Severn First Nation. George and his council (Moses, Robert and Chip) along with Madeleine and Mel, joined the conference via a video link that was sponsored by Telesat Canada. George spoke about how Fort Severn community members are using broadband services to access educational and health services along with other on-line applications (e-commerce, e-government, etc). The Fort Severn presentation can be seen at

Keewaywin Clinic's Christmas party for the community children

The clinic held their Christmas party for the community's children. The party was mainly for the young infants and children under the age of six. There was lots of refreshments, games and prizes for everyone to enjoy. The party was arranged by the local clinic staff and was coordinated by Karen Kakepetum, a staff member, who is in charge of supporting the well being of Keewaywin's children and healthy living. The kids had a ball getting to visit other children their age and playing games and sharing. Everyone had a great time. Merry Christmas Everyone! See the pictures

DFC Awaits Christmas Holidays

On Sunday December 16th students attending the Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School will be heading back to their home communities. Communities such as Miskekogamang, Sandy Lake, Weagamow, Muskrat Dam, Bearskin Lake and all the surrounding communities are looking forward to seeing their young people again. On Monday December the 10th, the ISP (In School Program) held a feast for everyone including students, teachers and boarding home parents. Everyone had a very good time and each student recieved a gift from Santa even though he didn't make it there himself.

Keewaywin church Feast.

Last night on December 12th, the Keewaywin community Church had their annual Christmas Pot Luck feast. There were a lot of food served. There was actually a couple of times where the community had to wait for the second seating. The Church members all contributed to cooking and baking for the feast. All feast goers got to take home a brown bag full of goodies. This is just the start of the many community feasts that will be going on. Sometimes the feasts go on for more than a week. Everyone in the community sets up their own feast which they had already decided which date to pick. For the next two weeks someone is having a feast every day. It is that time of the year where everyone becomes just sick of turkey. But I like turkey. The clinic will be having their party tomorrow night. It is for the infants in the community and presents will be handed out and games played. For picture of the Church feast click