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Fort Severn Hosts Community Healing Workshop (May 4)

Fort Severn First Nation hosted a workshop for young people, parents, community leaders on the weekend of May 4, 5 and 6 (the first snow geese were just arriving). The Local Education Authority and school staff worked to raise the funds to bring Jerry Harmon of the Recovery Foundation back to Fort Severn to deliver a second community workshop entitled Building A Bridge for Change - Bringing Youth and Adults Together.
All the participants of this year's school trip participated in this workshop as part of their preparation for this exchange program with Port Alberni students. (the Fort Severn First Nation - Port Alberni, British Columbia Exchange Program, May 6 - May 15, 2001)
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Visit to Fort Severn by Canadian Heritage (2001-05-03)

Peter Homulos, Senior Advisor to the Deputy Minister of Canadian Heritage travelled with Brian Beaton to Fort Severn First Nation to meet with the Chief and Council and other community members about Keewaytinook Okimakanak's Native Language proposal.
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Video Conferencing in North Spirit Lake (2001-05-02)

John Moreau and Lars Dixon (K-Net Technicians) went into North Spirit Lake the first week in May to install the new video conferencing unit at the North Spirit Lake SMART building. John put a lot of pictures around the community to document the local community network.
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Network Operations

Due to a power failure by Ontario Hydro K-Net was out of power from 10:00 am to 5:54 pm May 22,2001. This affected the Mail and DNS server. Power has now been restored. Thank you for your patience.
Dan Pellerin

Different groups come together to support an on-line discussion forum

A new and innovative internet forum, Turning Point invites dialogue and creates a focal point to highlight cooperative efforts among Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in Canada. Keewaytinook Okimakanak is partnering with a number of groups to support this on-line forum for sharing and introducing matters that affect Aboriginal people across the country. Everyone is invited to participate in these discussions by visiting the Turning Point web site. As well a copy of the May 2001 Press Release announcing the forum is available.

Problem connecting with select Direcpc/MSAT computers.

May 9 - There is a problem dialing out and connecting to ENO for some of the Schoolnet computers. K-Net and ENO are working on the problem. More news will be posted.
May 14 - The problem was traced to a change in equipment in Ottawa and has now been corrected.
Dan Pellerin
Network Operations

Network access restored

Network access has been restored. The problem was a defective part in the Bell Canada Central office in Toronto. Thank you for your patience
Dan Pellerin
K-Net Services

Internet access problems for May 3rd.

Internet access was reduced this afternoon and this evening. The problems are occuring in Toronto. Our internet provider has been working on this and we are working with Bell Canada to determine where the problem is. We will post a second message here once it is corrected. The K-Net Email system is still flowing as this goes out over a different path. Thank you for your patience.
Dan Pellerin
K-Net Services.

Abe Scatch Memorial School web site is now on-line

Two teachers from Poplar Hill (Kurt MacRae and Tom Axtell) posted the Abe Scatch Memorial School web site on April 27, 2001. The web site was created using Netscape composer. Check out the school's web site at Tom writes ... "Next week, I will be working with the grade 8's to make their own simple pages to link to this site. You can let Kurt know he's joined the club!!"

Keewaytinook Okimakanak hosts Industry Canada - FedNor

The Chiefs of Keewaytinook Okimakanak and their staff hosted a feast and meeting with Industry Canada - FedNor staff (Louise Paquette, the Director General, Rob Stincombe, Northwest Regional Manager, Mitch Diabo, Heidi Strobl and Fran Duke) on Wednesday, April 25, 2001 in Balmertown. For more information visit the photo gallery for this gathering