Lands Planning Video Conference East-Lake Winnipeg First Nations' Story October 14, 2009

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Franz Seibel
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All are welcome to Join Elder Ed Wood and Peter Globenski as they share the story of Lands Planning with East-Side Lake Winnipeg First Nations. Wabanong Nakaygum Okimawin (WNO) is the group created to bring together First Nations, government and resource companies to create lands planning and governance. Elder Ed Wood will share how the First Nations conducted their planning and dealt with challenges such as overlapping territories, government regulations, parklands, forestry agreements, etc.

 Lands Planning Video Conference

2:30-4:00 PM CST October 14, 2009

East-Lake Winnipeg First Nations' Story

This event is open to everyone, join us to hear tips from our Northern Maintoba neighbors. Print the Poster and invite your community.

To register your video conference site please contact: or 877.737.5638 X 1266