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INAC launching Year 2 (2010-2011) of the Reforming First Nation Education Initiative

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Brian Beaton
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Official launch of Year 2 (2010-2011) of the Reforming First Nation Education Initiative. 

Program guidelines, proposal application forms and other related documentation and materials are now available on the INAC Internet site for both the First Nation Student Success Program and the Education Partnerships Program.

Regional Offices will play a lead role in advising communities and organizations eligible to participate in one or both programs.

Calls for proposals for Year 2 are being announced through the INAC main web page, under the New Items Tab, and the INAC Education Programs main web page.

The attached Call for Proposals letter (see link below) is being used to notify communities and organizations of the Year 2 funding process.

While core processes remain unchanged for both programs, some modifications have been made that are intended to streamline the application and assessment process.

All modifications are reflected on the FNSSP and EPP websites, that everyone is encouraged to review for program details, application forms and support documentation. A detailed overview of modifications made to both programs is available from the link below.

One major difference this year is the availability of FNSSP Proposal Development Funding. This year, eligible applicants can submit an application to receive a one-time contribution of $30,000 to help them develop their 2010-2011 FNSSP proposal.

The two new programs are the foundation for improvements to education programming. The results of this initiative will shape future directions in education program renewal.

For further information click on the following Word documents 

2010-2011 call for proposal letter