Finance training available by videoconference hosted by DFC High School

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Franz Seibel
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Dennis Franklyn Comatry High School will be hosting two upcoming workshops from the business class through video conference.

Everyone is welcome to attend. 

Print the poster and invite your community.

Cash Flow versus Income - September 25, 2009

Struggling with understanding the request from financial advisors for cash flow statements and income statements?  This workshop will help you understand the difference between these statements and the importance of each to your business planning and decision-making.

Profit Margin and Pricing - October 2, 2009

This workshop reviews rationale related to product/service pricing and how price relates to the bottom line.  Pricing is a crucial component of business success.

Please register your site by contacting 877.737.5638 X 1266 or

DFC HS will also be hosting 3 youth finance and budgeting workshops in October.