Science & Technology Day Camp Poplar Hill.

The Poplar Hill Science & Technology Day Camp was a success. It took place from July 15 to July18, 2002. On Monday, Curtis Lawson the project coordinator came in and we got started by having the participants do a on-line hunt for animals. On Tuesday, we went across the lake on a nature walk to collect plants. Two local elders joined the group to explain about the plants and how they used them long ago. On Wednesday, the youth watched videos about animals and their habitats. During the afternoon the MNDM regional geologist came in to provide information about the Canadian shield and different rock formations. He also showed a video and displayed the various rocks in his collection. On Thursday, the biologist from MNR was in to explain about all the different eco-systems. During the afternoon the youth visited the telehealth office. We closed the day off with some games. Check out the pictures at Pictures - Day 1 and Pictures - Day 2