Deadline Date for Submission - July 15/02 OAEDP

Ontario Aborigonal Economic Development Program is now accepting applications for business and economic development activities. The deadeline date for submission are July 15/02. If you have any questions, please call David Neegan @ 1-800-387-3740 Background The Ontario Aboriginal Economic Development Program (OAEDP) is designed to promote economic development in Aboriginal communities throughout Ontario. The Program operates under funding provided by the Ontario Native Affairs Secretariat (ONAS). Program Principles The Program will promote Aboriginal self-reliance and sustainable economic growth. The Program will strive to address the economic development needs of Aboriginal communities. The Program will maximize accessibility to funding by Aboriginal communities in Ontario. Program funding will be distributed on a fair and equitable basis. Program objectives The objectives of the Ontario Aboriginal Economic Development Program are: to increase community economic activity; to increase the capacity of Aboriginal communities to participate in the economy; to support the business development needs of Aboriginal communities; and to strengthen Aboriginal Communities through initiatives that develop / enhance Aboriginal structures. Program Guidelines: OAEDP has three components of program funding: Organizational Development: maximum funding of $15,000.00 Economic Capacity Building: maximum funding of $25,000.00 Business Development: maximum funding of $50,000.00 OAEDP has 2 proposal calls per year: 1st Request for Proposals deadline: JULY 15, 2002 2nd Request for Proposals deadline: DECEMBER 02, 2002 For more information, please visit Ontario Aboriginal Economic Development Program