K-Net Server Receives 2 MILLION Hits in one month

Congratulations to the ENTIRE K-Net On-line Community. We broke the 2 million hits mark in the month of May! This is the first time we reached this many hits in one month. I just checked our monthly server usage stats at http://www.knet.ca/webalizer) and saw that we achieved the highest level of usage in ONE month yet. The actual number of hits was 2,005,737. www.knet.ca is our main web site from where all of the pages and different services are linked and accessed. Other on-line servers / services include: * http://webct.knet.ca Server (our e-learning server) had 131,058 hits on the main page in May * http://mail.knet.ca Server (our mail server) had 700,623 hits * http://hosting.knet.ca Server (the server that we provide for other organizations to host their web site) had 44,953 hits * http://myknet.org Server (personal web page site) had 812,272 hits For a total of 3,694,643 hits in May (and this does not even include the K-Net Chat service)!! Thanks to everyone who uses K-Net for making this an important virtual place to be!!