Progress of Keewaywin Winter Road.

Keewaywin has finally started their winter road. The weather seems to be going against the completion of the winter roads this year. The road had to be made to hug the coast line as the ice is not yet thick enough on the lakes. In some places the ice is so thin that cracks form and slush forms on top of the ice. This just makes it harder for the completion of the winter road. I dread to think what will happen if there is no road this year. Imagine if the road is not completed, there will be no oil for the generators to produce our electricity, the oil for the homes will have to be airlifted. The prices of food will certaintly almost double. I went to see the progress of the road and it doesn't look too good. But considering the weather it is progressing. One of the loaders went through the ice this past weekend. The other loader is there to try to get it out. It is getting tougher every year for the road to be completed as so much depends on it. I took some pictures of the tractor half of it in the ice - for everyone to see.