Poplar Hill ICT Planning Workshop for Health Programs and Services

Anna Owen opened the second day of the workshop with a prayer. Most of the local Health staff attended this planning session to share their community’s ideas and needs around the vision of “Good Health in Poplar Hill”. Lots of information was recorded as everyone began to understand the process of putting together our different goals and strategies to achieve this vision. The highlight was how everyone agreed that we need a new and larger Nursing Station to serve our community as soon as possible. Having 2 full-time nurses will help to achieve our community’s vision. See the Workshop Pictures and read the report on-line. New Health programs, services and training support were also identified and included in the list of things we would like to see in our community. The need for training of local staff to do all the work in these new programs and services will ensure we are successful in achieving our vision of “Good Health in Poplar Hill”. The final step in the planning process involved identifying which communication technologies we would require in the future for each of these programs and services. This information is being posted on the web, so everyone can review it and add more information whenever the need arises. Bella Moose closed the ICT planning workshop for the Poplar Hill Health programs and services. We thank everyone who participated and shared their ideas during this session.