Poplar Hill Community Planning for the use of ICTs - Day 1

Community members met on the evening of January 21, 2002 to begin their week long ICT planning workshop. The meetings are being held in Poplar Hill's new Smart Business Centre where the local e-Centre is located. The Introduction workshop turned out great with Chief and Council, Health Dircetor, Prenatal / Nutrition worker, NNADAP, Band Constable and the E-Centre staff attending. Galin showed us the surveys that were done in the years 2000 and 2001. One of the things these showed was the changes in the use of the Native language spoken in the homes. They also showed how computer use is climbing as more people are using it in their workplaces and to access information on the Intrenet. Dan Pellerin explained the network and how we're able to connect with other First Nations and organizations. He also explained how the cable system is being put into place in Poplar Hill. Video conferencing and telehealth services are being set up in all the KO communnnities to connect to other specialists. This network will support more wide open communication to the outside world. Dan also explained how much money is spent to operate the network and how we can charge different users of the networkso we to hire pay for the new staff like the E Centre staff and so forth. For the complete story on the work covered during this first evening of the workshop, visit the day 1 photo gallery.