KO Fitness Team takes First Place on 21 Day Challenge

The “KO” fitness team took first place on the 21 Day Challenge. The challenge organized by the Red Lake Community Centre had 13 teams consisting of 5 members per team. Each member was awarded two points for every 10 minutes of fitness activity over 21 days. The KO team of David Neegan (captain), Penny Carpenter, Orpah McKenzie, Lars Dixon and Cheryl Bechard edged runner-up team “Trimming the Pork” by 12.6 points. The key factor in KO’s victory over “Trimming the Pork” is Orpah’s fire wood expedition on Nungessor Road which allowed KO to over take top spot during the final week. Each KO team member received a water bottle holder, one month free membership to the Red Lake Community Centre, pencil and a zipper tag. Watch for the team pictures in the Red Lake District News. Congratulations to all that participated. The results are as follows: KO 382 Trimming the Pork 369.6 The Panthers 323.4 Jabajenapen 296.4 Deb’s Devils 291.2 RLMPS Teachers 291.2 Rob’s Rowdy’s 260.6 Wack - M 239 Sidder Boys 232.8 Pantheon 179.2 Heart Games 162.8 Golden Girls 161.6 The Fall Follies 0